European rotary table lamp with pen container

Product material:  ABS+PC
Product color: white          
Gear: touch switch three gears , three color light,long press with light dimmable. no stroboscopic blue-ray, rotating shaft can be 180 °rotation
Battery capacity: 1200mA      
Charging time: 7 to 8  hours
Using time:  3 hours when the brightest   , using the charger DC5V or 5 V USB port to charge.

This is a cost-effective, dimmable and toning pen holder folding table lamp.
1. This light can touch and switch three levels of dimming to meet people's needs for different lights
Long press to adjust the brightness.
2. The base is very stable and can be used as a mobile phone holder,
There is a detachable storage pen holder, you can put some learning tools, according to your needs, use it as you like
3. Round headlight, wider illumination range
4. LED eye protection headlight beads, soft light, protect eyesight, no flicker
5. Foldable and adjustable 90° up and down to meet the lighting needs of different heights and easy to carry
6. There are two charging methods, one is the charging type, the other is the plug-in type, the battery is 1200 mAh
1. Small size, can save freight
2. Beautiful appearance, good quality, high cost performance
3. Customizable LOGO, gift box